14 December 2015 Daily GK Update Hindi & English

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14 December 2015 Daily General Knowledge Update

India ranks 130th rank in 2015 Human Development Index: UNDP

मानव विकास सूचकांक में भारत 130 वें स्थान पर है: यूएनडीपी

India has been placed at 130th position in the 2015 Human Development Index (HDI) among the 188 countries. It was unveiled in the recently released Human Development Report 2015 by the United Nations Development Programme.

Gross National Income per capita: It has increased to $5,497 in 2014 from $5,180 in 2013 and $1,255 in 1980. India’s GNI per capita increased by about 338% between 1980 and 2014.

Saudi voters elected women candidates for 1st time in Municipal council polls

Saudi Arabian voters on 12 December 2015 voted to elect women in at least 18 municipal council seats. This was a historic local elections in Saudi Arabia in which women were allowed to vote and run for office for the first time. This event occurred for the first time in the history of the country. The results of the election were declared on 13 December 2015.

सऊदी मे पहली बार महिला उम्मीदवारों को नगर परिषद चुनाव में निर्वाचित किया गया

सउदी अरब के इतिहास में सरकारी स्थानीय निकाय चुनावों के दौरान पहली बार महिलाओं के मतदान देने और चुनाव में खड़े होने पर 20 महिला उम्मीदवारों ने चुनावों में जीत दर्ज की है|

Who has been appointed as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia- Ahmad Javed

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on 11 December 2015 appointed Mumbai Police Commissioner Ahmad Javed as the Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. He is expected to take up his assignment shortly.

His appointment to the post will fill the vacancy which was lying vacant since retirement of Hamid Ali Rao in April 2015. Javed, a 1980-batch IPS officer from Maharashtra Cadre, is scheduled to retire on 31 January 2016.

अहमद जावेद सऊदी अरब के राजदूत नियुक्त किए गए

पूर्व मुंबई पुलिस कमिश्नर अहमद जावेद को वर्ष 2015 के दिसम्बर माह में सउदी अरब में भारत के राजदूत के रूप में नियुक्त किया गया है| सउदी अरब में भारतीय समुदाय की जनसंख्या लगभग 28 लाख है| वह हामिद अली राव का स्थान लेंगे|

Who has won singles titles at World Dubai Superseries Finals – Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara & Kento Momota

किसने वर्ल्ड दुबई सुपर फाइनल का एकल खिताब जीत लिया है-जापान की नोज़ोमी ओकूहरा और केंटो मोमोता

Japanese shuttlers Kento Momota and Nozomi Okuhara on 13 December 2015 won Men’s singles and Women’s singles title respectively at the BWF World Superseries finals held at the Hamdan Sports Complex, Dubai.

Okuhara defeated China’s Wang Yihan by 22-20, 21-18 to grab the women’s singles crown. Not much later, Momota crushed Denmark’s Viktor Axelsen by 21-15, 21-12 and clinched the Men’s singles title.

Who has won gold in the 59th National shooting championship – Vijay Kumar

The centre fire pistol gold in the 59th National shooting championship was won by Vijay Kumar.

He won gold after defeating Gurpreet Singh. Apart from this, Kumar won the silver medal in the 25m rapid fire pistol event in 2012 Olympics. Other gold medalists are: Pemba Tamang – Rapid fire pistol

विजय कुमार ने राष्ट्रीय निशानेबाजी चैंपियनशिप में स्वर्ण पदक जीता

ओलंपिक पदक विजेता विजय कुमार ने 59वीं राष्ट्रीय निशानेबाजी चैंपियनशिप के 12वें दिन 13 दिसंबर 2015 को पुरुषों की 25 मीटर सेंटर फायर पिस्टल में स्वर्ण पदक जीता है|

यह आयोजन नई दिल्ली स्थित डॉक्टर कर्णी सिंह शूटिंग रेंज में आयोजित किया गया है| भारतीय सेना के गुरप्रीत सिंह ने रजत जबकि राष्ट्रीय रैपिड फायर पिस्टल चैंपियन पेम्बा तमांग ने कांस्य पदक जीता है|

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14 December 2015 Daily GK Update Hindi & English

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